Warren Ellis has created a new biopunk blog called Grinding, spun out of his Doktor Sleepless comic. Mostly it's about body modification, but is also sprinkled with Ellis's traditional techno-urbanism and pretty picture obsessions. The best part is Ellis' introduction to the site, where he talks about a new breed of body-hacking humans.

Ellis writes:

I have given this place over to a crack team of mental patients with the brief to discover and present The Future — particularly the "future" of DOKTOR SLEEPLESS and grinder culture — wherever it lays, in potential, in the soil of The Present. I said to them: "Imagine: you want to be a superconnected, modified, new kind of human, and you consider your own body to be a work in progress, so you're constantly looking for new things you can do to yourself (and others) while also keeping an eye on the collapsing planet around you because you want to have enough time to finish your body (or wish to use your many communications-technology devices to record it all as it collapses around your ears)."


We know the feeling. Flickr image by satragon