Modern Technology Brings Ancient Greek Vases to Life

Panoply is a project that combines the animation talents of Steve K. Simons and the ancient Greek history expertise Sonya Nevin to produce beautiful animations of the scenes on artifact vases. Above is their version of the Pandora myth, developed from a circa 450BCE vase of a woman holding a casket and the descriptions of the myth from young students.


Panoply is excellent: each animation comes with a description of the story being told, how the animation was conceived, and a glimpse of the story board that preceded it. Here's the storyboard for Pandora and frames of the animation:

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Panoply covers a lot of aspects of culture as method tying the artifacts to information about Greek life — there are ones on myths, sport, and warfare. I happen to like the myths best, but they're all excellent. Here's another one, showing Achilles and Ajax during the Trojan War:

See them all at Panoply's website.

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