Modern Recuts of Disney Trailers Show How Melodramatic We've Become

Video editor Ryan Shukis has re-edited a bunch of Disney movies to create the trailers that would market Disney animated films to grown-ups. His latest is The Lion King, which takes on a much more heartwarming tone than in the original trailer.

Shukis calls these “modern” trailers, but they’re less modern and more “adult.” I keep expecting Simba and Nala to dramatically run toward each other in the rain. They’re the trailers adults would see in front of the latest war-death-romance-Oscar film, rather than the version in front of children’s films. The original Lion King trailer had a few heavy moments, but was mostly light-hearted:

At least Shukis’ version better telegraphs the giant mental scars the movie gave many of us as children. (Okay, gave me as a child. I still watch chunks of this film with my hands in front of my face.)


But it’s not like Disney’s trailers have actually adopted the trends of modern trailers — no Inception-style BWOMP for them. Frozen’s trailer has the same hijinks-heavy tone as the Lion King’s.

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I’ve had an idea for a reinterpretation of the Lion King for a while, thought I’d finally share it here.

First, ditch the animals, make them human. Real kings and queens, courtly drama, Game of Thrones style shit.

Second, out of Africa. I’m thinking old school Europe. Denmark maybe? Seems like a good place for rotten things to happen.

Third, not so happy. Make everyone die and/or go mad.