Video editor Ryan Shukis has re-edited a bunch of Disney movies to create the trailers that would market Disney animated films to grown-ups. His latest is The Lion King, which takes on a much more heartwarming tone than in the original trailer.

Shukis calls these “modern” trailers, but they’re less modern and more “adult.” I keep expecting Simba and Nala to dramatically run toward each other in the rain. They’re the trailers adults would see in front of the latest war-death-romance-Oscar film, rather than the version in front of children’s films. The original Lion King trailer had a few heavy moments, but was mostly light-hearted:

At least Shukis’ version better telegraphs the giant mental scars the movie gave many of us as children. (Okay, gave me as a child. I still watch chunks of this film with my hands in front of my face.)


But it’s not like Disney’s trailers have actually adopted the trends of modern trailers — no Inception-style BWOMP for them. Frozen’s trailer has the same hijinks-heavy tone as the Lion King’s.

[via Tastefully Offensive]

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