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Mobile Suit Gundam is coming to the Tokyo International Film Festival this October! According to Variety, the festival will be screening the original movie directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, in addition to a number of television episodes.


According to the Festival, this is the first time the franchise has been honored, and there’s quite a program planned for the event this year:

In addition to screening the memorable first theatrical–released film and the legend,Mobile Suit Gundam directed by Yoshiyuki TOMINO, the festival plans to screen a few dozen works of TV series episodes, other films released in theaters, and shorts that have very rarely appeared on the big screen. Befitting the first–ever major screening of Gundam, the franchise’s creators–ranging from those in its early days to those of its latest installments–will appear on stage. Several other special events that would only be possible at this festival will be held.


If you’re in Japan, this seems like seeing this will be an incredible opportunity!


Image credit: Sotsu / Sunrise

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