Missing Girl Recites Fantasy Novel But Cannot Recall Her Own Name

This week NYPD issued a press release regarding a teenage 'Jane Doe' with severe amnesia who cannot recall her own name, age or where she is from, but can recite portions of a certain fantasy novel.

The girl, who authorities estimate to be between 14 - 17 years of age, was found Oct.9th wandering near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Workers at the nearby Covenant House shelter claimed to have no knowledge of the girl. The girl is suffering from severe amnesia and cannot recall anything pertaining to who she is or where is came from, except that she can recite snippets from Fool's Fate, the third book in Robin Hobb's Tawny Man Trilogy.


When trying to recall her name, the girl wrote down the name Amber, but stated she was unsure if that was really her name or not. Amber, it turns out, is the name of the titular fool in Fool's Fate. The girl says that she is (or was) in the process of writing her own fantasy novel about a young girl named Rian "who's been raised by the commander of the guard post on the edge of a fantasy kingdom."


UPDATE: As of yesterday, girl has apparently been identified as a Washington State freshman who was reported missing early this month. (Interestingly, author Robin Hobb herself is a Washington resident). The missing girls name has not been released, but police are working to return her to her family.

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