Missed The Tank Girl Kickstarter? Here's Your Chance To Read The Book!

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Last year, Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin took to Kickstarter to write a whole new Tank Girl story together for the first time in nearly two decades: 21st Century Tank Girl. Missed out on it the first time round? Well, good news: Titan are serialising the book as a 3-part miniseries!


The iconic British creation's return was a veritable mix of short strips, longer stories and even poetry and posters, so it'll be interesting to see how the adaptation works. But suffice to say, 21st Century Tank Girl was pretty great, so we'll take more of it in any way we can get!

Aside from featuring the return of Hewlett (who you might better know as a co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz) as an artist on the series for the first time since the mid-nineties, the miniseries features artists from Tank Girl's past like Jim Mahfood and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, as well as artists new to the character. Check out the press release, as well as a second cover for the first issue ,also by Hewlett, below:

After a break of more than 20 years, artist extraordinaire Jamie Hewlett has returned to the

iconic character which made his name. Co-created in the late 80s by Hewlett and writer Alan Martin, Tank Girl quickly became a household name and revolutionized British comics industry. This landmark publication reunites the two collaborators for all-new original material!

The 21st Century Tank Girl Kickstarter gained over $350,000.

Titan will publish 21st Century Tank Girl as a 3 issue mini-series written by Martin and illustrated by a stellar line-up of stalwarts and newcomers including Philip Bond (Kill Your Boyfriend), Jim Mahfood (Miami Vice), Brett Parson, Jonathan Edwards, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Craig Knowles and more!

Illustration for article titled Missed The iTank Girl/i Kickstarter? Heres Your Chance To Read The Book!

21st Century Tank Girl will begin in June.

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