Misandry Rules as New Ghostbusters Movie Casts a Man as Its Villain

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Feminists scored another bitter blow today against penis-Americans after it was announced that Saturday Night Life writer, Other Space star and comedian Neil Casey has been cast as the new Ghostbusters movie’s antagonist. A man? Being evil? In a movie where women are the heroes?! Why, this tests my tosterone!


Actually, since two people lost their minds and thought I was serious the last time I took this sarcastic approach to covering the new Ghostbusters movie, let me stop here, and just say this is some damn fine casting. Casey was great in the woefully underrated Other Space series, and if you’ve seen his other guest star appearances on other TV shows, he’s a very funny guy who can play sneeringly evil with plenty of style.

So what do you think his role will be? A living threat like Walter “Dickless” Peck or a ghostly, supernatural being like Gozer? Or maybe he could just be playing a guy who is very angry that women are allowed to bust ghosts now? Frankly, I’d be content with any one of the three.


[Via Deadline]

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