Minority Report's virtual dressing room is coming to your Kinect

Illustration for article titled emMinority Report/ems virtual dressing room is coming to your Kinect

The virtual dressing room has been a bit player in movies as futuristic as Minority Report and as mundane as Clueless, but it hasn't come to your living room — at least not yet. But one company is developing a virtual dressing room that should work with a webcam or Kinect.


FaceCake Marketing Technologies was demoing Swivel at this week's Consumer Electronics Show. The idea is pretty intuitive; you simply step in front of a camera and your body shows up on the screen. By waving your hands, you can select from the clothes and accessories in Swivel's inventory and see how they would look on your body. FaceCake claims that the virtual clothes will take into account the particular shape of your body, but no word on whether it can simulate that "just barely got it zipped up" feeling.

You can see a video demonstration of Swivel over at the LA Times.

[via DesignTaxi via Neatorama]

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