Now this is one police officer we wouldn't mind pulling over for, and that's not even counting her dangerous curves. Check out the sweet streamlining and attention to detail on that jetpack. Plus she has what looks like Iron Man-esque propulsion units in her fingerless gloves, and a red and blue tipped light-helmet to boot. No idea where she keeps her nightstick, though. Click through for the full image.


Artist Neville Page was one of the designers of the jetpack used by the precog cops in the movie Minority Report, but he wanted to take the design a bit further and created this pinup in the process. He meant it to be tongue-in-cheek, and he's his own biggest critic: "It is safe to say that with police officers like her, one might be inspired to commit crimes in the hopes of being arrested. So perhaps this is not such a good costume idea after all."

We'd have to disagree with him there as far as costumes go, but as far as the uniform for a civil servant, this one might be a tad too distracting. Plus there's no way you'd want to see the 300 lb. Sergant McGillicuddy in that thing. Especially since he got that nasty skin rash.