In “Fredi,” we got a very predictable mystery and some time with Dash. It was a totally capable episode almost too boring to recap.


Dash and Vega are officially partners, with Wilmer Valderrama stopping by just long enough to smarm at the two. Dash has a vision of a girl with a distinctive bracelet, and they find her working for the foundation of a dickish rich kid.


Also, she bonds with Dash and he “goes undercover” by dating her, so that he can make sure she isn’t murdered. Of course, because burgeoning love is always a sign shit’s about to hit the fan, she’s less the murder victim and more the murderer. Which Vega figures out, but lovesick Dash refuses to believe it... until literally five minutes later when she pulls a gun on her boss, who let her sister die.

Dash convinces her not to kill the boss, but also tells her to run. Vega shows up, having finally managed to prove that the boss was with the girl when she died. All easily guessed, nothing too out there. Then there was some more screentime for Akeela, who may be the best character on this show. This was almost a good episode.

EXCEPT: The number of times someone in this episode comments on Vega and Dash being a couple was roughly a billion. Here’s the thing, Stark Sands and Meagan Good actually have perfectly fine chemistry. I have seen shows forcing non-existent connections between characters—that isn’t happening here. Theirs could organically grow into what the show wants.


But screaming it at us does not make it happen. In fact, I’m perversely pissed at them now and don’t want them to get together. Subtly played as always, Minority Report.

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