Pixar Animation Studios has been responsible for some of the most iconic and best-loved movie characters of the past two decades. As a tribute to these characters and their creators, Australia-based designer Wonchan Lee crafted the impressive series of understated posters you see here.

Update: Images removed at the artist's request.

When asked about the biggest challenge in creating the posters, Lee told MyModernMet:

Turning the most realistic 3D animation into the simplest vector graphic... Everybody loves Pixar, which means you wouldn't want to do anything to let them down. Because it has really broad demographics, in terms of age bracket and cultural background, it was very challenging to come up with something that pleases such a wide audience whilst satisfying myself as an artist and as a fan of Pixar, too.


It's a testament, both to the lasting impression that these characters have had, as well as Lee's design talents, that these posters can convey so much while remaining so simple. You can pick up these prints for yourself over on Lee's Website.

[Wonchan Lee via MY MODERN MET + Behance]


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