Miniature Plastic Cities Will Tremble Before Figuarts' Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Sadly Stay Puft probably doesn’t come with a ruined city to stomp about in, but this figure does look great as he gleefully parades through tiny plastic skyscrapers. All he needs are some tiny Ghostbusters to fight him off.

Bandai’s latest Figuarts toy was first shown off at Comic-Con this year, but now official pictures of it have made their way online. Presumably clocking in at the typical 5-6" height of your average Figuarts figure, no details about Stay Puft have actually been released yet beyond the pictures. But we can see at least, the squidgy paranormal entity comes with at least three alternate faces: happy, angry, and in pain:


What’s actually the most interesting about this is how well the figure keeps its rounded marshmallow-y look and Figuarts’ usual level of articulation, without it impacting on the actual look of the figure. It’s obvious where some of the joints are, but they’re exceedingly well-hidden—and it makes Stay Puft look really neat.

Sadly there’s no information on just when you can expect Stay Puft to waddle his way onto shelves, but hopefully it’s soon.

[Toy News International]


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