Mini Vodo Inspires Jedi From Beyond the Grave

If you can't wait to expand your Star Wars Miniatures game into new territory, we've got a treat for you. It's a sneak peek at one of the characters in the upcoming Jedi Academy expansion, who will quickly become your favorite tentacled pal.

Of course, you can see the full story over at Robot Viking, but here's a taste of what Ed Grabianowski has to say:

Master Vodo is widely considered one of the greatest Jedi Masters of all time. He lived thousands of years before the events depicted in the Star Wars movies, although a holographic version of himself shows up to share his ancient Jedi wisdom with Luke Skywalker. He trained many Jedi, some of them quite notable in their own right. Including Exar Kun, who apparenly had fear, which of course leads to anger . . . and that lead to Master Vodo suffering a gruesome death at the hands of his former pupil . . . Vodo essentially has one real Force power: Force Alter, which lets him shift probabilities and make opponents reroll crucial attacks. Master of the Force allows him to do this twice each turn, and with five Force points to spend, he could make for a very frustrating opponent. I like the way the Force Spirit power reflects Vodo's ability to inspire other Jedi even after his death.


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via Robot Viking

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