Ming Means Moustachioed? The Fans Ponder.

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What's wrong with this picture? If you ask the fans of Sci-Fi's Flash Gordon, they're likely to tell you that they're not too sure, but it just might be the hair. At least, that's one of the the possibilities as they wonder just what happened to the original character's Fu Manchu look.


"Ming doesnt have to be asian, but at least let him be bald! for a ming that has hair, is no ming at all:("

"no he doesnt have to be asian but he needs the fu manchu beard/mustache and a skullcap."


"He doesn't need to be bald, but a long beard like the pirate Blackbeard would help. A skullcap would also help and maybe some skull-shaped trinkets in necklaces and bracelets."

Of course, not everyone feels that Mingness is skin deep:

"Ming the Merciless has to be MERCILESS. Killing people because they oppose him, because they stepped on his toes, because they blocked his view of the sun, or maybe because he was just plain bored that day, Everything else is trivial and probably racist. The 30s movie version certainly was."

"I don't give a rip what ethnic background Ming has - although the name does evoke an Asian feel - or how much hair he sports where. baldy46 got it right in that regard - show me someone who kills on a whim and not worry about the consequences, who wants Earth because Earth is there and apparently vulnerable, someone with no morality or humanity about him. The milquetoast accountant on Flush Gordon is about as menacing as my 5-year old grandson. No, on further thought I have to admit my grandson exudes more menace than this guy ever could."

I have to admit, I do think that this Ming...

Illustration for article titled Ming Means Moustachioed? The Fans Ponder.

...is much more menacing than the one at the top of the post. Speaking as a man no stranger to the receding hairline, the idea that baldness makes someone more evil is a distressing one. That said, facial hair? Always a telling sign of badness. Look at history: Attilla The Hun, Hitler, Stalin, Santa Claus. Each one of them more trouble than a truckload of Amy Winehouses.

Ming doesn't have to be Asian [Sci-Fi Forums]


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Annalee Newitz

@eddy_b: OK look — two more episodes and it goes off the air. I am going to post TWO MORE TIMES about it — JUST TO MAKE FUN OF IT. I will not try to get you to watch it. That isn't me lurking outside your house with a channel-changer on Monday night, trying to switch the TV back to Flash. No really, it isn't. I would never do that.