Mind-blowing archive of footage showing ghosts, UFOs, and more

Did astronauts meet aliens when they landed on the moon? Did a green sphere hover menacingly over Los Angeles in 2008? Was the space shuttle followed by UFOs? One man has the answers.


And that answer is no. We adore the YouTube special effects artist known as The Faking Hoaxer, or TFH for short. He loves to use special effects to show how typical conspiracy, UFO, and ghost videos are created. In fact, his vids are so much like your typical mystery sighting footage that UFO enthusiasts have been known to make clips from TFH's work and pass them off as "real." Many of these vids you've probably seen before - but you may not have realized they'd been made by somebody as deliberate hoaxes.

Here's TFH's classic video of a green UFO over some trees in the UK:

Then he did some dabbling in the supernatural. I find these hoax ghost photographs genuinely scary - though that might be the music, too.

And here's the International Space Station getting a visit from some UFOs:

Want to know TFH's secrets for creating a terrific UFO hoax video? Discover interviewed him and got five tips - number one tip, as you might guess, is "don't show the aliens."


See all of TFH's creations on his YouTube channel - or watch the 10 best UFO hoax video on Mashable.

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it's the same problem i have with CGI in general. It is pretty good, but it still looks fake.