This week, we've got a clever little ARG for you to solve, a look into a world that moved forward after UFOs crash-landed on Earth and a flying baby. Don't forget your flare gun.

Milwaukee Finally Gets Decontaminated, UFO Apartments And A Baby With Wings

This Is My Milwaukee:
A new ARG has been released, about the re-population of Milwaukee now that it's been decontaminated and cleansed from all the terrible things that the company Dark Star unleashed with their "God Seed". It's actually quite cute; here's a commercial they filmed, encouraging people to move back to the fair city, but also reminding them to stay out of certain areas and always carry a rebreather and a flare gun. Also check out their book, Milwaukee: A Reasonable Heaven.


What would you do if your baby grew wings and started to fly about (selling him to the circus not being an option)? A poor woman deals with this conundrum in the foreign film Ricky. I don't really have much else to say other than, why aren't there more movies like this?
Ricky teaser

This short movie shows what happens after the disaster. Afterville takes place 50 years following a collection of UFOs plummeting to the Earth, but remaining dormant; life went on and people lived around the large structures, building around and or on top of the the objects. But eventually people figure out that the discs that cover the globe are all linked on a countdown that end in 2058... but what could it be counting down to? It's actually quite beautiful and the CG objects fit in quite nicely on the world's horizon; thank you to Quiet Earth for pointing out this gem.

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