Millie Bobby Brown Kept a Vial of Eleven's Nose Blood From Stranger Things

Image: Netflix

Actors take mementos from the sets of shows and movies all the time, but I’m pretty sure there are only a choice few trinkets as odd as Mille Bobby Brown’s decision to swipe fake blood from the set of Stranger Things.

Brown revealed the tidbit to Variety for a recent cover shoot—noting that the blood was specifically the makeup used for Eleven’s nosebleeds whenever she used her mental abilities. The fake blood, apparently, now sits inside a “memory box” of special items Brown keeps to remember her time on the show:

It was, like, a little vial and I kept it on me, because I have a memory box where I keep all my lipsticks from every award show I went to, and then my envelope from the MTV awards... and then, the blood from Stranger Things.


That’s one hell of a keepsake box. Check out the video below to learn more about Brown, including which other Netflix show she wants to be in, and her weirdest interaction with a Stranger Things fan:

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