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Millennials Are Reading More Books Than You Think They Are

Illustration for article titled Millennials Are Reading More Books Than You Think They Are

A new survey has peered into our bookshelves, and it's revealing some good news about the reading habits of young Americans.


Pew undertook a sweeping survey of the reading habits of millennials compared to older generations, and publishers should be pleased. 43% of all people under the age of 30 read a book almost every day, with that number increasing to just under 70% if you increase the timespan to once a week, the highest percentage of any age group to do so. They're also cheerfully hitting the library at rates on par with the older counterparts (roughly half of all people use the library at least once a year). There was only one category where the under-30s were beat out by older age groups in reading. That category? Reading the news, whether in print or online.

What are your reading habits? How often do you read a book? Do you borrow from a library or buy? Do you prefer a physical book or a downloaded one? Do you skip around different genres or focus on one? Tell us about it in the comments.


Image: Marcus Hansson.

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One weird thing for me: having an eBook reader removed any block I had over really thick books. Never having to find your place again and not having to lift the thing meant that I consumed the Name of the Wind in a few days, never realising how long it really was until I saw a physical copy. Anyone else get that