Millar's War Heroes Headed To Screen After All

We pondered about whether similarities to another comicbook-turning-movie would stop the inevitability of it, but no; Mark Millar's War Heroes has been optioned for movie treatment by Sony because, sometimes, cinema just needs a superpowered version of Three Kings.The news came on Friday afternoon that Sony had optioned the movie, and plans for Mike De Luca to produce. De Luca's a sensible choice, given his comics-to-film background on movies like Ghost Rider, the first two Blade movies and The Love Guru - wait, never mind that last one. More strangely, the movie will have three executive producers - Millar himself, series artist Tony Harris, and Zach Schiff Abrams, whose only previous producing credit was 2005's failed Keira Knightly vehicle Domino. Presuming that the movie makes it to screens by the summer of 2010, this could complete a trilogy of independent comic movie hits for Millar, following this summer's Wanted and next year's buzzy Kick-Ass. Before too long, he'll be the new Frank Miller, confirming the public misconception that all successful comics are in fact made by the same family, following the successful adaptations of Arthur Miller's original comics The Crucible and Death Of A Salesman. Millar couldn't be happier about the sale:

This is great because Mike is literally one of the biggest comic fans I have ever spoken to and was very, very hungry for the project. He's read all the upcoming scripts and plots, loves where it's heading and is going to stay very faithful... I don't know what I did in a past life to deserve all this, but it's both great and appreciated... This is great, great news. Couldn't be happier. I wonder who we'll get to direct. Any ideas?


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