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Milk & Cheese creator takes on the Metal Men in a new DC Nation short

Evan Dorkin is best-known for creating the uber-violent alcoholic dairy products Milk & Cheese, but his love of classic comics — evident in his World's Funnest and Bizarro Comics projects — is considerable. That's why it's so awesome to see him (along with his wife Sarah Dyer) take on DC's classic Silver Age heroes the Metal Men in a new DC Nation short, airing this weekend. Here's the first clip!


Man. Between Super Best Friends Forever, Batman of Shanghai, the '70s Wonder Woman, Amethyst, and all thos other shorts, DC Nation is awesome. Forget Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go — can we just have a hour of these, please?

[Via Comic Book Resources]

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"Robots dont act like this!!"

I love the stuffy traditionalist attitude coming from a guy who just fucking invented talking purely single element based robots.