Miles Morales Joins The Avengers In Marvel's Post-Secret Wars Comics

They've been teasing it in dribs and drabs this week, but we now finally know the all the faces of Marvel's new Avengers team — and with it, confirmation that Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales is joining the new Marvel Comics Universe. Check out the all-new assembled Avengers!


Exclusively revealed on Wired today (although the cover was accidentally leaked on 4Chan last night), the new Avengers team — Ultimate Spider-Man, Sam Alexander as Nova, Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel, Vision, the female Thor, Sam Wilson's Captain America and Iron Man — will make their debut on Free Comic Book Day.

The line-up isn't just a big shake up for the Avengers roster, it's big news because it confirms something that many comic fans have been expecting ever since Marvel announced their Secret Wars event would bring about the creation of a new Marvel universe: that Miles Morales would be transitioning over from the "Ultimate" line of Marvel comics to the new main universe.

It's a surprisingly young team as well — with Kamala Khan, Miles and Sam Alexander all teenagers, the Avengers haven't been this youthful in a while.

These new Avengers will make their debut on May 2nd for Free Comic Book Day, ahead of the team returning in full after the end of the Secret Wars event later this year.


[via Wired]

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