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Last week, a long list of actors testing for Marvel's Captain America movie was leaked. Among mostly square-jawed handsome stars was Cloverfield's Mike Vogel. We caught up with Vogel this weekend and got his take on the Cap casting.


While doing roundtables for She's Out Of My League, the shy Vogel was pretty mum about the possibility that he may be the next big action star. When asked how he got the opportunity he only responded:

"I don't want to comment on it too much, keeping 'em crossed [fingers]. We'll see what happens. I'm very excited."


Asked if he was a fan of the comics he simply said he was a, "Big Fan."

He wouldn't even take any jabs at his possible competition, John Krasinski, when asked if he wanted to do some trash talking. It's okay, Vogel, we got you covered.

Out of all the names mentioned thus far, Vogel is easily one of the top five along with Scott Porter and Ryan McPartlin.


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