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The legendary Mike Mignola returns to pen a new miniseries, but that's not all this week's latest comics have to offer. There's time travelling shenanigans from Mark Millar, an intriguing new Image series about the fall of a space empire, and a graphic novel about the crew behind a Super Sentai robot. Comics!


Dark Horse

  • Frankenstein Underground #1 - Frankenstein's monster finds itself isolated and underground, exploring the dark secrets and darker creatures found within. Written By: Mike Mignola Artist: Ben Stenbeck
  • Shaper #1 - An orphaned Teenager discovers that he is a shapeshifter, and part a race prophesied to overthrow the very Space Empire currently trying to hunt them down and exterminate them. Written By: Eric Heisserer Artist: Felipe Massafera

DC Comics

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  • Batgirl: Endgame #1 - More and more citizens of Gotham are falling to the Joker virus, and only Batgirl can stand between the Jokerised masses and the outside world in this spinoff tie-in to the Batman Endgame arc. Written By: Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher Artist: Bengal
  • Strange Sports #1 - Vertigo takes on the classic DC horror anthology with a series of spooky stories revolving around different sports. Written By: Various Artists: Various


  • The Fly: Outbreak #1 - Set after the iconic horror movie, the son of the scientist turned into a fly/human hybrid searches for a cure to his mutated genes, but his experiments threaten to unleash a deadly virus that turns people into monsters. Written By: Brandon Seifert Artist: Menton3


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  • Chrononauts #1 - Two best friends and a master scientist discover the ability to travel through time. But will they use it for the good of the human race, or for their own ends? Written By: Mark Millar Artist: Sean Murphy
  • Invisible Republic #1 - The diary of a dictator's freedom-fighting cousin is found after the fall of his planetary, leading to the revelation of secrets about the ousted leader even more troubling than the ones the public already knew about. Written By: Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko Artist: Gabriel Hardman
  • The Manhattan Projects: Sun Beyond The Stars #1 - When Yuri Gagarin is lost in space, he discovers his true calling in this new set of stories from this acclaimed science fiction comic. Written By: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Nick Pitarra
  • Red One #1 - A soviet spy is sent to 70's Los Angeles to become a superheroine, subtly sowing the seeds of communism into the populace as she fights crime. Written by: Xavier Dorison Artists: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson


  • Altered States: Doc Savage (D.E) - This one shot "what if" story reimagines Doc Savage accidentally turning himself into a primitive human, following an experiment gone wrong. Written By: David Avallone Artist: Dave Acosta
  • Giant Days #1 (Boom! Studios) - Three young girls who meet as dorm mates at University navigate the perils of student life and occult shenanigans. Written By: John Allison Artist: Lissa Treiman
  • The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael #1 (Rebellion/2000AD) - An Old West outlaw is murdered, and finds himself on a journey through the underworld in a desperate attempt to be reunited with his lover. Written By: Rob Williams Artist: Dom Reardon
  • John Carter: Warlord of Mars (D.E) - John Carter finds his Martian palace under siege by unknown assailants, and must escape to forge questionable alliances to combat the threat. Written By: Robert Place Napton Artist: Rod Rodolfo
  • Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro #1 (D.E) - Zorro is murdered, and unlikely allies Lady Rawhide and Lady Zorro are forced to team up to save a village from slavers. Written By: Shannon Eric Denton Artist: Ray Villegas
  • Unit 5 #1 (Red Anvil) - 5 strangers united by the 9/11 attacks find themselves masking up as costumed superheroes to fight terror. Written By: Skip Winter Artists: Joe Martino, Various

Graphic Novels And Collections

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  • The Courageous Princess: Beyond The Hundred Kingdoms (Dark Horse) - Princess Mabelrose finds herself kidnapped by a dragon, much to her chagrin, and breaks out from captivity to go on adventures. Written By: Rod Espinosa Artist: Rod Espinosa
  • Deep Gravity (Dark Horse) - A man joins a deep space mission to be reunited with his long lost love, but they find themselves trapped on a ship hurtling towards its doom and hunted by an Alien. Written By: Gabriel Hardman, Various Artist: Fernando Baldo
  • Oink: Heaven's Butcher (Dark Horse) - In a world where pig-men serve humanity, one Pig-man realises his life of servitude is a lie and goes on a quest for freedom and bloody vengeance Written By: John Mueller Artist: John Mueller
  • Tex the Lonesome Rider (Dark Horse) - Claudio Nizzi's classic western comic about a man on the hunt for his family's killers has now been translated into English for the first time.Written By: Claudio Nizzi Artist: Joe Kubert
  • Superman Wonder Woman Volume One: Power Couple (DC) - The Man of Steel and the Amazonian Warrior find love on the battlefield, and fight Doomsday! Power couple indeed. Written By: Charles Soule Artist: Tony S Daniel, Various
  • Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (IDW) - Fear and religious fanaticism grip the world of Krynn, and 8 heroes band together to stop a cataclysm. Written By: Andrew Dabb Artists: Steve Kurth, Stefano Raffaele
  • Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures (IDW) - Dan Stevens' tales of the jetpack using, german fighting Cliff Secord, aka The Rocketeer, are gathered together in this collection Written By: Dan Stevens Artists: Dan Stevens, Various
  • Madame Frankenstein (Image) -Vincent Krall reanimates the corpse of his former love, only to find he cannot control her as easily as he believed he could. Written By:Jamie S. Rich Artists: Meagan Levens
  • Nightworld: Midnight Sonata (Image) -Three demons fight the Empyre and each other in the quest for mythical artifacts that could lift their curses. Written By:
  • Paolo Leandri, Adam McGovern Artists: Paolo Leandri, Dominic Regan
  • Revenge (Image) - Action movie star Griffin Franks finds his Hollywood lifestyle turned upside down when someone takes his face. Literally. Written By: Jonathan Ross Artist: Ian Churchill
  • Deadpool's Art of War (Marvel) - Inspired by Sun Tzu, Deadpool decides to write his own version of the Art of War. But what better way to learn about war (and become a best selling author) than by starting a war that threatens to consume the earth? Written By: Peter David Artists: Scott Koblish
  • Billy the Pyro Volume One (Alterna Comics) - A government agency turns Billy into a pyrokinetic mutant, but he turns on them to fight for the victims of past experiments gone awry. Written By: Brad Burdick Artists: Fabian Cobos, Various
  • Bobs Burgers Volume One (D.E) - The cult cartoon series turns to comic books to tell new tales about the Belcher family. Written By: Chad Brewster, Various Artists:
  • Robin Brigstocke, Various
  • Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew (Cosmic Times) - Erica Pratch always wanted to be a Mecha pilot, but when she was rejected, she decided to join the Maintenance Crew of the Herotron, fighting space parasite infestations and the most incompetent Sentai pilot team .Written By: Nate Hill Artist: Mervyn McKoy
  • Katamari Volume One (Udon Entertainment) - The King and Prince of All Cosmos must travel to earth and use the Katamari ball to roll up objects in this collection of Katamari Damacy webcomics. Written By: Alex Kulang, Raynato Castro Artists: Alex Kulang, Raynato Castro
  • Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection (Atomic Book Company) - This complete collection of Julia Wertz's controversial 'Fart Party' autobiographical comics is brought together for the first time. Written By: Julia Wertz Artist:Julia Wertz
  • Pride and Prejudice: A Graphic Novel (SELFMADEHERO) - Jane Austen's iconic tale of 19th century romance is re-imagined for the comic page. Written By: Jane Austen, Ian Edginton Artist: Robert Deas
  • Servamp Volume One (Seven Seas Entertainment) - Freshman Mahiru Shirota finds himself embroiled in a conflict between vampires and humans when he comes across Kuro, a Servant Vampire disguised as a cat. Written By: Tanaka Strike Artist: Tanaka Strike

Want to see what else is out this week? You can see the full list here - and find out where your nearest Comic Book Store is here!


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