Mike Mignola and Adam Hughes Are Reuniting for an All-New Hellboy Story

Hellboy gets more than he bargained for when he joins a ghost hunt gone awry.
Hellboy gets more than he bargained for when he joins a ghost hunt gone awry.
Image: Adam Hughes (Dark Horse Comics)

Last winter, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola teamed up with legendary comics artist Adam Hughes for a seasonal tale of devils punching the everloving crap out of the Krampus. But now, io9 can exclusively reveal that Hughes and Mignola are coming together for another tale—albeit a little less seasonal and a little more spooky.

Making its debut here on io9 is your first look at Hellboy and the BPRD: The Seven Wives Club, a new one-shot comic from Dark Horse coming this winter. Written by Mignola and with art from Hughes, the tale will see Hellboy head to Savannah, Georgia, to team up with a young woman whose ghost hunt goes terribly wrong. And matters are made worst when the secrets of a gruesome, long-forgotten murder are uncovered at an abandoned medical school. Because who isn’t checking one of those out on any good ghost hunt, frankly!


Check out both of Hughes’ main and variant covers for The Seven Wives Club in full below, as well as a cover by Mignola himself:

“The Victorians used to read and tell ghost stories during the Christmas season,” Mignola said in a statement provided to io9. “We might not be reading by candlelight these days, but I do like a good ghost story during the holiday season, especially when there are stolen cadavers, vengeful spirits, and art by Adam Hughes.”

It’s not quite as directly Christmassy as the Krampus, but we’re inclined to agree with Mignola here. Nothing says the holidays like a bit of ghostly shenanigans. You can get some in your winter reading when Hellboy and the BPRD: The Seven Wives Club hits comic store shelves on December 11.


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titanmatrix Of FeministNerds.com

Mike is never allowed to say he’s done with Hellboy ever again. I swear, like clock work, within 6 months of him saying he’s finished, there is a nother story that leads to more stories and then a new ongoing.