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Amadeus Cho
The seventh (or maybe eighth, depending who's around that week) smartest person in the Marvel Universe, this genius kid has a gift for making connections where others don't and getting into trouble.
Is he marked for death this week? I doubt it; he's not important enough to most people for his death to matter in the grand scheme of things, and killing him would just piss off the fans he does have.


An ancient god of Olympus and Avenger since the 1960s, Hercules' boldness and lack of inner angst makes him a rarity in Marvel's pantheon of flawed heroes.
Is he marked for death this week? Let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised, considering the regular Incredible Hercules comic is replaced by Hercules: Fall Of An Avenger as of March. Also, he's a mythological being, allowing him to easily transcend death if needs be.

A robot with the personality of dead Avengers founder Janet Van Dyne, AKA the Wasp, who accompanies Hank Pym, Van Dyne's ex-husband, who has taken over the Wasp name. Nope, nothing creepy about that at all.
Is she marked for death this week? Well, she's a robot, so "death" doesn't exactly fit as a concept here, as she could always be rebuilt easily enough.


The fastest man on Marvel's Earth, Quicksilver has spent his comic career speeding between being a hero and a villain, managing to become an almost comically tragic figure in the process.
Is he marked for death this week? Cynically, I think the correct response is "Who cares?" Really, though, while he's a long-lasting character, his death would accomplish nothing in terms of story, so it's unlikely.

The teenage daughter of dead Avenger Ant-Man and queen of the Underage Giantess fetish community, Stature graduated from the Young Avengers to the grown-up team little over a year ago.
Is she marked for death this week? Almost certainly not. In addition to the fact that it seems almost more cruel to kill a teenaged superhero, she's also due to star in this year's Young Avengers revival.

U.S. Agent
A former Captain America turned government supercop, US Agent is the patriotic superhero for those who think Captain America is too soft on criminals. Which doesn't explain why he moved to Canada for awhile, but let's pretend that never happened.
Is he marked for death this week? Again, unlikely because few enough people would care to make it worthwhile.

Like Jocasta, a mix of robotic operating systems and AI personality modeled after a real person - in this case, the teenager who'd grow up to become time-traveling Avengers villain Kang The Conqueror - the Vision is an updated version of a character who's been a constant Avenger for hundreds of issues.
Is he marked for death this week? I'm invoking the "It doesn't count, because he can be repaired" clause again; the Vision has "died" so many times before that it's an empty threat.


Wasp (Henry Pym)
A founding member of the Avengers and scientific genius, unfortunately better remembered as a wife beater after multiple bouts of temporary insanity and schizophrenia.
Is he marked for death this week? Given that we've seen a prophecy of how important a role he'll play in the new Heroic Age, I wouldn't bet on it. Sorry, everyone who'd rather he'd died instead of the original Wasp.

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