Midwest Emo Boys vs. Giant Monster — Who Wins?

We've told you before about Zero Trooper F, a giant monster flick set in a town much like Madison, Wisconsin, and now there's an action-packed clip from it online as well as a full trailer. Basically it's the simple tale of a mad scientist having a life crisis while super-soldiers fight a giant monster (see clip) that looks a lot like those those cute felted animals with scary eyes and teeth that you always see hipsters making in CRAFT magazine. Except this cute animal is as tall as a skyscraper and fights by kicking buses like a hackysack. Plus, the soundtrack is great.

The short film, put together by University of Wisconsin students and directed by Eric Lim, looks fun and manages to capture the craziness of kaiju battles on a shoestring budget.

The filmmakers describe the plot like this:

As a genius inventor and scientist, Bryan Abrams is the brain behind the super sentai hero, Zero Trooper-F's brawn. Byran is loved and adored by his family, his co-workers, and the greater area of Greenside City. However, it's not a feeling he reciprocates. Bryan's overwhelming feeling of unfulfilled desire comes to a breaking point at the worst time possible, during a giant monster attack.


Here's the trailer:

Zero Trooper F [official site] Thanks, Avery Guerra!

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Annalee Newitz

@AveryGuerra: We have the opening sequence right here, in this post!