Midsommar Looks Like What Would've Happened if Fyre Festival Was Run by Swedish Cultists

Just your standard summer festival feature at this point, honestly.
Just your standard summer festival feature at this point, honestly.
Image: A24
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So you know, like, slightly less scuzzy businessmen and tents, slightly more...animal sacrifice?


A24 dropped the new trailer for Ari Aster’s Midsommar (his highly-anticipated followup to Hereditary), the creepy supernatural horror movie about a young couple (Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor) whose relationship is on the edge of falling apart before they decide to go on a joint trip with some friends—including The Good Place’s William Jackson Harper!—to an obscure Swedish festival because...that’s what young people do when they need to destress? It’ll look great on Instagram, I’m sure, especially in the eerie light of...9 p.m.

Unnaturally good #nofilter lighting isn’t the only creepy thing going on at this festival though—psychic clapping, lots of screaming, creepy dances, probably some kind of poisoning, promises of ancient rituals giving long life, it’s the whole “How to Witness a Creepy-Ass Cult Sacrifice” starter kit. And that’s even before you get to the flashes of bloodied sacrifices and carved up bears!

Midsommar hits theaters July 3.

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The Midsommar-festival is anything but obscure in Sweden, the country literally shuts down. It’s celebrated all over the US as well by people with Swedish ancestors, quite often it’s the only tradition still left. “I don’t personally know about it” isn’t the same as “obscure”.