Microsoft is remaking Blake's 7 for the Xbox

Illustration for article titled Microsoft is remaking emBlakes 7/em for the Xbox

A remake of the classic British dystopian space opera Blake's 7 has been in the pipeline for quite some time at Syfy — but now apparently it's going to be on your Xbox game console instead.


As part of Microsoft's push to develop original XBox One video content, the software company is financing "development and production" of the Blake's 7 reboot, although the Redmond, WA giant hasn't yet committed to a full season. Casino Royale/Green Lantern director Martin Campbell is still directing the pilot. This is all according to unnamed sources, of course, so take it with a grain of salt.

This means Blake's 7 will potentially be joining the new Halo TV show as Xbox-only television programming. Could your Xbox be a better source of space action than any of the cable or broadcast channels soon? [FT]

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WTF?! If this is successful here's to hoping they'll reboot some of the Gerry Anderson earlier series such as the awesome UFO: