Mickey Rourke Will Do Power Armor Wrestling In Iron Man 2

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Mickey Rourke, who is riding on the shoulders of delighted critics for his kick-ass performance in The Wrestler, is joining the cast of Iron Man 2 along with the always-great Sam Rockwell.


The trades are powering up the speculation, regarding Jon Favreau’s next Iron Man installation. Rumors have it Mickey Rourke is on board to play the Crimson Dynamo (which has been reported as a character in supposed casting calls). Which would mean get ready to see Rourke power armor clad beating the crap out of Iron Man.


The Hollywood Reporter says they've heard rumors that Rourke could also be up for the role of Whiplash, but many entertainment sites are standing by the Dynamo reporting.

Sam Rockwell is rumored to be portraying Justin Hammer, the bazillionaire rival of Tony Stark. Similar to Stark, Hammer is a genius and has his fingers in hundreds of gadgety pies. So he's smart, rich and well equipped, just like Tony, but he makes his money from criminals.


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I hate/detest having multiple villains in a movie. Especially if they're unconnected. Some movie makers feel they have to throw everything in at the expense of character development and then it just becomes a mindless slugfest. (NB Batman Returns/Forever/and Robin also SpiderMan 3)

Give me one good solid villain or at the very least a team of villains who are already thematically connected.