Stoic, sword-wielding Michonne is one of the greatest characters in The Walking Dead comic series, but before the zombie apocalypse, she was an ordinary lawyer who used swords for fencing rather than chopping off limbs. The new issue of Playboy features a six-page comic that reveals the precise moment Michonne became a badass.

Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard made the short comic "Michonne's Story" for the April 2012 issue of Playboy, which just came out yesterday. It's a quick trip down memory lane with a very different Michonne, one who panics at the sight of walkers, but we get the highlights: how Michonne gets her katana, the fate of her boyfriend and her friend, and the gruesome decision she makes to survive. It's hardly a must-read. It doesn't offer much insight into Michonne's character and doesn't reveal much we don't already know, but if you're a huge Michonne fan, it's worth a gander.


The Hollywood Reporter has the first two pages of the comic, so you can decide if it's worth heading to your local purveyor of dirty magazines and assuring the clerk that you're only buying it for the comics.

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