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Michelle Yeoh Is A Kickboxing Nanny In Babylon AD

New Babylon AD clips from French Premiere Magazine show the inner workings of Vin Diesel's soul. Diesel plays a mercenary named Toorop who prays, punches and lectures the hot young psychic girl who's chased by a doomsday cult. Toorop has to transport the girl across a post-apocalyptic landscape, with the help of super-boxing nanny Michelle Yeoh. The spoilery new clips show how refugees of the future get from place to place, and showcase the new jumpy fighting style that Vin has been reduced to. Babylon AD comes out August 28. [Premiere Magazine]


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Michelle Yeoh can be anything she wants, so long as kick boxing is included. Kick boxing Jiffy Lube Service Technician, Kick boxing Blind Painter with Turrets, etc... ad nauseam.

Just put Michelle in more movies is all I am saying.

And I will be in the theater, enjoying the movie, and silently judging everyone else for being there and enjoying it. Just call me Senator Craig.