Michel Gondry turns Björk into an asteroid disco ball

Michel Gondry has directed oodles of music videos for Iceland's warbling ambassador ("Hyperballad" is the prom song I never had). For her latest single "Crystalline," he's turned her into a singing disco singularity who oversees an asteroid or something. Her new album Biophilia drops September 26.



"Hyperballad" is lovely. I also am amused by the first "featured" comment on the Youtube page:

"Listen to the lyrics of this song, for a start: "I go through all this before you wake up, so I can feel happier to be safe again with you." This was the beauty of the 90s. Now all we get is "I kissed a girl and I liked it". Utter f*cking sh*t. Enough said."

Amazing how, in the 90's, people were already lamenting the death of music, and now, there is actual real nostalgia for the 90's and 90's music. It just goes to show that every generation has it in them to think everything was better back in the day, and shake sticks at the Katy Perrys and whomever else dares to trample our lawns.