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Michel Gondry, the master of the ethereal fantastic, is going to be bringing his unique style to Seth Rogen's Green Hornet, and suddenly we care again about the movie Stephen Chow refused to direct.


This is really great news. We've barely been getting by on tiny Gondry hits, from Flight Of The Conchords — but it looks like we won't have to wait much longer for more Gondry movies.


The trades are all abuzz about Michel Gondry signing up where Stephen Chow left off, as the director for the Green Hornet movie. Putting Rogen and Gondry together could be quite a beneficial pairing because Seth Rogen's penchant to go a bit over-the-top might be reeled in slightly with Gondry's understated but still fantastical esthetic. Worst case scenario: Gondry's spin will at least make the Green Hornet character a little more interesting.

But what does this mean for Gondry's "ice that makes you hear music" movie?


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