Michael Shannon reveals a line of dialogue from Man of Steel. Plus Benedict Cumberbatch talks the Star Trek sequel!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Director Timur Bekmambetov and star Benjamin Walker discuss Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Vin Diesel releases two more Riddick photos. A Breaking Bad actor joins J.J. Abrams's latest pilot Revolution. Plus the latest news on Awake and Once upon a Time!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Man of Steel

Michael Shannon talks some more about General Zod:

"Zod has some speeches; he has some cool speeches. I got to say some cool stuff, but I can't say any of it right now."


And then, because Michael Shannon straight up doesn't give a crap, he said this, which sure sounds like the sort of cool stuff he says in the movie:

"Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?"

Sounds like a certain Kryptonian general isn't on board with the whole dark energy thing. You know, I'd be surprisingly OK with this movie centering on a debate about cosmology, if that's the way Zack Snyder wants to go. [MTV News]

Star Trek 2

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't reveal much of anything about his character, other than confirming what we might surmise from the recent set photos that his character has plenty of scenes with Zachary Quinto's Spock. He also praises the strength of the movie's returning ensemble:

I think they are brilliant on that show, and it's a real privilege to be on that set. There's a patter and a kind of knowledge of who they're playing and the other main characters, which I'm learning a lot from. It's just good fun. It's great to work with Chris. He's very professional. So is Zach [Quinto], who I've been working a lot with; I adore him, he's a brilliant, brilliant guy. I'm kinda getting busy with the film now. I've been away doing other things - 'The Hobbit,' which was fantastic. And so my part of the film is really sorta kicking in now. It's great fun, great, great fun. But what I'm trying to say is it's a great thing to come into something that everybody's familiar with and knows each other very well. So it's [in] a weird way a very easy thing to get up to speed with, because everybody is so welcoming and gets along with one another."


[MTV News]

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Here's a video interview with director Timur Bekmambetov and star Benjamin Walker. [Fangoria]


Vin Diesel has released two new set photos of himself filming the third Riddick movie. [ShockTillYouDrop]



Illustration for article titled Michael Shannon reveals a line of dialogue from emMan of Steel/em. Plus Benedict Cumberbatch talks the emStar Trek/em sequel!

Here's an official promo photo of Quantum of Solace's Gemma Arterton and Hanna's Saoirse Ronan as a mother-daughter pair of vampires in Neil Jordan's new movie. West End Films has also released the first extended synopsis:

Eleanor and Clara, two mysterious and penniless young women, flee the scene of a violent crime and arrive in a run-down coastal resort. They try to find money and refuge along the tawdry seafront and in the dilapidated hotels. Clara, ever-practical, sells her body. She soon meets shy and lonely Noel, who provides a roof over their heads in his seedy guesthouse, Byzantium. Clara, always looking towards the future, turns it into a ‘pop-up' brothel.

Meanwhile Eleanor, the eternal schoolgirl, meets Frank, a kindred spirit who unwittingly prompts her to tell the truth about her life. She tells him that Clara is her mother; yet Clara is only a few years older. She says that she was born in 1804; yet she is just sixteen. She confesses that she must drink human blood to stay alive – and so must her mother. In the small, quiet town, people start to die. And the past that the girls have been running from for so long, finally catches up with them – with astonishing consequences.



G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Here's the latest TV spot.

Cockneys vs. Zombies

Here's the first round of promo photos for this low budget British zombie movie, featuring one-offDoctor Who companion Michelle Ryan and Snatch's grumpy old psychopath Harry Ford. The movie is written by James Moran, whose credits include Severance and the Doctor Who episode "The Fires of Pompeii." There's also a synopsis below. [ShockTillYouDrop]

Cockneys vs Zombies is the story of Andy (Harry Treadaway) and Terry (Rasmus Hardiker): two hapless cockney brothers who try to save their grandad's (Alan Ford) care home by robbing a bank. At the same time, a virus sweeps across East London turning all the inhabitants into flesh eating zombies. Faced with hordes of undead zombies, the challenge is to rescue a home full of tough old folks, escape with the loot, and get out of London alive!


True Blood

Take this with a minor grain of salt, considering the source, but IMDB lists two casting additions for episode five, "Boot N' Rally Ally." Specifically, Clint Culp is listed as Vampire Hank and Anna Khaja as Iraqi Woman. [SpoilerTV]


The Walking Dead

Here's a promo and a sneak peek for the next episode, "Judge, Jury, Executioner."

And here are two promo photos for the episode.

Comics creator Robert Kirkman discusses the significance of the two zombies who were scratched but not bitten:

Well, they're definitely trying to figure out how those two guys became zombies and they didn't have any bites on them. That's something that is a bit of a mystery to them, exactly what a bite does, how it makes someone turn into a zombie. So from time to time they are trying to investigate things and learn a little bit more about the world around them.



Once Upon a Time

Here's the official description for episode sixteen, "Heart of Darkness", which airs March 18:

EMMA ARRESTS MARY MARGARET FOR THE SUSPECTED MURDER OF DAVID'S WIFE, AND PRINCE CHARMING MUST STOP SNOW WHITE FROM ATTEMPTING TO ASSASSINATE THE EVIL QUEEN – Mary Margaret hires Mr. Gold as her attorney when Emma is forced to arrest her for the suspected murder of David's wife, Kathryn. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming sets out to stop a determined and unhinged Snow White, whose memory is still clouded by Rumplestiltskin's potion, from assassinating the Evil Queen.



Executive producer Edward Kitsis discusses Captain America costar Sebastian Stan's upcoming guest spot as the Mad Hatter:

The first difference you'll notice is who the Mad Hatter was and his backstory. Then what Wonderland is and the changes of it is something we hope to explore also. We're hoping this tells you the story of the Mad Hatter, but also will leave you with questions about Wonderland."


It should be pointed out that this is the episode that also guest stars Who frontman Roger Daltrey as the voice of a talking caterpillar, which is easily the most gloriously demented of casting in television history. Not convinced? What if I told you Who frontman Roger Daltrey is the voice of a talking, hookah-smoking caterpillar? There's just nothing about that I don't love. [TV Guide]

Edward Kitsis discusses Barbara Hershey's upcoming guest spot as the Evil Queen's mother Cora, and how Hershey will be putting her experience as a terrifying mother in Black Swan to good use:

"Girls say they'll never grow up to be like their mothers, but evil comes from somewhere. Cora would look at the mother from Black Swan and think she was weak. You will finally find out why the Evil Queen hates Snow White. [Cora has] an interesting connection to Rumpelstiltskin and an agenda she does not like to veer from. [Her past] is just hinted at this year, but we have major plans for Cora in the future."


[TV Guide]

Elsewhere, Kitsis discusses the romance between Snow White and Prince Charming's human alter egos, and whether what they are doing is really cheating (which of course it is):

"The whole idea of the show is that Storybrooke is cursed. And therefore what we love is the idea that their love is so strong it keeps pulling them together no matter how hard we try to keep them apart. One of our favorite things is the fact that I love that the audience is mad that David cheated. But he's married to Snow White. And in Storybrooke, he has all this guilt of cheating on Kathryn [Anastasia Griffith]. But, the truth is that's the curse."


Fellow executive producer Adam Horowitz adds:

"Yeah, and is he cheating on Snow White by being with Kathryn? To us there's a level of complexity that we're trying to build with these relationships and making nothing easy for our characters. So, when they do achieve the things they want to achieve its all the more satisfying hopefully."


[The Live Feed]


Here's the full set of promo photos for Thursday's series premiere of this reality-hopping cop show. [SpoilerTV]


Series creator Kyle Killen, who was previously responsible for the well-regarded but extremely short-lived Lone Star, discusses star Jason Isaacs's arc as a man shifting between two universes:

"He remains 100% adamant that he doesn't want to give one or the other up. What we are really exploring in the first season is the price of needing to figure out what happened to him. How it was that he came to be in that accident means looking back at the very thing hes trying to avoid which is the issue of what happened and when you talk about what happened you risk knowing who lived and who died so the price of that knowledge is potentially an understanding of who's real and who's not. He's conflicted about how much he wants to know and how much he needs to avoid knowing."


Killen also explains how the show approaches the more procedural, case-of-the week aspects in a way that incorporates the two realities:

"He pulls things off. The audience understands how he got from A to B to C. The people in each half of the world — they see gaps. They don't understand how he made the leaps he made and he can't always explain himself. That coupled with the stress and strain of trying to hold up these two universes and his increasing curiosity of the consequences of that about what happened to him that night. They all take his character in directions that people who as close to him as his partners can't help but notice and comment on."


In case you're wondering which universe is meant to be real - and I honestly just sort of figured that both are, because why wouldn't they be? — well, it would seem Killen agrees with me. Yes, he agrees with me:

"We protect the idea that both are real. We're playing what the character is protecting, which is the idea that there are always equally good arguments why either world could be real. That's the thing he's struggling to hold onto so that's what we embrace. We treat them both like they are real."


There's still more at the link. [BuddyTV]


J.J. Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke's pilot for NBC, in which a bunch of characters must struggle to survive in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously vanished, has made one hell of an awesome casting move. Specifically, Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito has reportedly joined the show as Captain Neville, described as "a hard-as-steel military man with a genteel southern manner who may not always be what he seems." [TV Guide]


In other, slightly less awesome news, Being Human's Tracy Spiradakos will reportedly play a warrior on the show. [TV Line]

Untitled Roland Emmerich Pilot

The great Martin Landau, who I'm guessing would really, really prefer I not refer to him as Space: 1999's Martin Landau — he's still Commander Koenig to me, dammit! — has reportedly been cast in 2012 director Roland Emmerich's ABC pilot in which Max Theriot plays Carter, "an astrophysics grad student in NYC who learns that he is the chosen one to destroy the forces of evil." Landau is reportedly playing Mr. Armin, described as "a blind former German soldier in World War II who is the executor of Carter's father's estate and one of Carter's only true friends." [Deadline]


Being Human (UK)

Here's a promo for this Sunday's episode, "Hold the Front Page."

And here's a bunch of promo photos. [SpoilerTV]

Falling Skies

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of season two. [multipleverses.com]


The Secret Circle

An upcoming episode will reportedly involve December 2012, which may or may not revolve around those supposed (but non-existent) Mayan prophecies about the end of the world. [E! Online]



Ethan Peck, whose credits include In Time and being Gregory Peck's grandson, has reportedly been cast as the male lead alongside Aimee Teegarden in the CW's pilot that more or less sounds like an unauthorized Hunger Games TV show.


Lost Girl

Probably best to take these with a grain of salt, but here are some reputed spoilers for season three:

- Lost Girl is serious about going dark in Season 3.
- Look for the introduction of the Dark Fae elders who will recur throughout the season.
- The Morrigan and Vex will also be appearing in A LOT more episodes in season 3.
- There will be an on-going dark Fae Arc.
- Despite Dyson having a new partner Hale will be back in season 3!
- Ksenia Solo will be playing another character in addition to Kenzi.


You can check out more season three spoilers here. [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Ben Vrignon and Charlie Jane Anders.


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"Zod has some speeches; he has some cool speeches. I got to say some cool stuff, but I can't say any of it right now."

"Kneel Before Zod"?

After rereading the post (too early in the morning)...

"Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?"

I just heard the simultaneous facepalm of physics majors and science oriented people. Kneel before the Big Bang, Zod.

I like Martin Landau, but I'd rather not see him play Roland Emmerich's version of Yoda in what sounds like a stinky plot/pilot