Michael Jackson's Zombie Musical Honored by the Library of Congress

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Of all the things the King of Pop was famous for, Michael Jackson's music video for "Thriller" was one of his geekiest contributions. Today, the zombie-themed short was officially selected to be preserved in the National Film Registry.

The 14-minute video, which aired on MTV for the first time on December 2, 1983, is often credited as launching the music video industry we now know, but it was Jackson and director John Landis' vision to honor pulp fiction thrillers that makes this piece of film work so memorable.


The Library of Congress also inducted the 1957 sci-fi classic The Incredible Shrinking Man into the National Film Registry. Go team sci-fi!

'Thriller' lands in National Film Registry [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Sonja, you leave out the most important film on the list, THE MUPPET MOVIE - both fantastical and magical.

I was probably 6 or 7 when I saw it, and it was a love affair with cinema from that point on.