Possibly the weirdest — and most seasonably appropriate — event that took place this weekend was Thrill The World, an international simultaneous recreation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video that brought almost 5,000 people in over 70 locations worldwide together on Saturday. We've got pictures and video of the other legacy that Jackson gave the world, to make you jealous that you weren't taking part.

This year's Thrill The World consisted of 4,177 dancers in 72 cities across ten different cities - breaking the record of the previous year, according to the organizers:

With events throughout the world, everywhere from Austin to Saudi Arabia, from Brisbane to Dublin, we’ve stomped all previous events to the ground! As of 6:00pm EST on October 25th we had 4,177 dancers worldwide! That’s more than double our record from last year! ...Over the next few days, we’ll be setting the record straight, and adding up the zombies to confirm those exact final numbers. So come back soon for the official lowdown. World Record confirmation will be posted soon as well!


Don't think that this means they're planning to slow down, however; their target for next year is a staggering quarter of a million zombies joining in.

Flickr Images from Oakmonster's LA Thrill The World 2008 set. [Thrill The World]

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