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Michael Douglas has officially signed on Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. And now Marvel is revealing that he's playing Hank Pym, which means Paul Rudd (the lead and younger Ant-Man of this story) is the other comic book iteration of this hero Scott Lang. But wait, there's a twist. Spoilers ahead.


Variety is reporting that Douglas is 100% in to star as the retired scientists Hank Pym who invented the serum that turned himself into a superhero (with the abilities to change his size). After Pym retired he then bestowed the Ant-Man title to Lang. However it seems that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Movie critic Devin Faraci spied this change in the Variety title.


Which makes even MORE sense when you really think about it. Why else would Douglas sign on, he was either going to be a very bit cameo part (which would most likely have been kept under wraps by Marvel as a surprise) or he's a very important character. Villain makes a whole lotta sense. Also who doesn't love a bitter, retired superhero that goes from good to bad?

UPDATE: Director Edgar Wright addresses the villain rumors on his twitter account and said they were false.

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