Michael Caine Reveals His Inception Role, And Lost's Emilie de Ravin Gets A Weird New Island Role

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Michael Caine drops a huge Inception spoiler! Sam Raimi talks Venom! 2012's ending revealed! A Lost character's surprising new side! Spoilers are life-altering, and Star Trek 2, Supernatural, The Road, Twilight, Stargate, FlashForward and Fringe are embracing the spoiler lifestyle.



Michael Caine spills the beans about what part he plays in Christopher Nolan's first post-The Dark Knight` project:

I play a professor who's teaching a guy science. It's Leonardo diCaprio. He's going off to do a science project and he speaks to me before he goes.


But it sounds like he's only in the film for a few brief moments.[Empire Online]


Spider-Man 4 director Sam Raimi, not surprisingly, has no clue whether this spin-off will take place in the same "universe" as his movies. (The same universe as in the same continuity — I'm fairly sure the laws of physics will apply, more or less, in both films.) [MTV]

Star Trek 2:

Writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman give another vague interview. This time around, they hint that there will be more exposure for characters other than Kirk and Spock in movie #2:

Kurtzman: For sure. In a sequel, you have even more of that burden, because the first movie is about introducing characters, but the second movie is about digging deeper into them. So you've got to make sure your story is giving everyone a moment… More than a moment. An arc.

Orci: We've always thought of the bridge crew as a family, so it's not just, "What are we gonna find for them?" It's part of the DNA of doing Star Trek right, I think - to make sure all the characters represent a significant part of the family.


[IGN via TrekWeb]

The Road:

Here's the final poster for this apocalptic funfest. [Cinemablend]


This new Adam Lambert music video seems to include some scenes from what must be the end of this movie, showing John Cusack and company emerging from storage containers unharmed. [Cinemablend]



Jackson Rathbone says Jasper Cullen's Civil War flashbacks in Eclipse don't take up quite as much time as they do in the book, but it's nice to see Jasper when he was still a bad dude. Also, as in the book, Jasper's the only one who knows how to combat the vampire army being raised by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard). [MTV]


Also, director Chris Weitz says New Moon will follow the book's storyline, so we won't see that much of Edward. (Nooo!):

We didn't want to shoehorn him into the story. I did alter the visuals of the story in the sense that in the book, Kristen [Stewart]'s character has aural hallucinations — she hears his voice — and we've built in a very beautiful subtle effect so that we see him as well. But those are brief, if impactful, moments. A lot of the film is sustained by her loss and Taylor [Lautner]'s character bringing her back to life.




Emilie de Ravin will be in every episode of season six, and we'll find out what happened to her. And we'll be seeing a different version of Claire — one that's more Rousseau-ish. As for the real Rousseau, we won't be seeing her in the final season — the producers asked Mira Furlan to return for the final season, but she turned them down due to a prior commitment. [EW]


Also, episode six is called "Sundown" and probably revolves around Sun and/or Jin. The show seems to be copying season one's pattern of character-centric episodes, but probably that will change with episode seven — unless we're really getting a Charlie-centric outing. [SpoilersLost]


We may not have seen the last of Charlie, since his duplicate in the alternate world is still running around. The show got rid of him because the producers wanted to get out of the FBI offices and more underground. And by the same token, we may not be seeing that much of new FBI character Special Agent Jessup (Meghan Markle) in the upcoming episodes — she's available if the show wants her, but she may not turn up that often, by the sound of things. We'll be getting to know our core characters more. Also, we may meet Olivia's evil stepfather this season. [EW]



You won't have to wait much longer for the big showdown. Sam and Dean fight Lucifer in episode 10, and two characters die! [EW]



Three sneak peeks from tonight's episode, "Gimme Some Truth":


Stargate Universe:

Just how angry is Sgt. Ronald Greer? Let Jamil Walker Smith explain:


And here's a sneak peek from Friday's new episode, "Light."


And a clip from tomorrow night's new episode, "Eulogy." Put those two episode titles together, you've got a Funkadelic song title.



In the episode called "Disciple," Steve Bacic will play The Dark Archer (bwa ha ha ha) who's Green Arrow's mentor and teaches him everything there is to know about archery. And darkness. Fans are speculating this is the same character as Merlyn The Archer from the comics. Also, Emilie Ullerup will play Cat Grant, and she appears in episode six, "Crossfire," the episode that also introduces Speedy. [ComicBookMovie and ComicBookMovie]



Here's the official description of episode 4x08, "Shadowboxing":

Claire is determined to get to the bottom of the attacks; H.R.G. realizes he may be the source of Claire's troubles; Peter's new ability is the perfect fit for his job; Sylar's battle at gaining full control of Matt's body escalates.



Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.


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Here's a few quick Fringe questions - have we found out if there is an alternate Olivia running around? Would she be evil? Would an evil Olivia have dark hair in place of the traditional "evil twin" goatee? #inception