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What's better than having the ending of Inception cleared up? Having it cleared up in the silky voice of Michael Caine. In an interview on The Chris Moyles Show, Caine talked about show business, his book, and Christopher Nolan.

It's still a little tangled, but at least you're hearing it from a legend. You need a good connection and a little bit of patience for this one. The audio file is three hours long. However, Caine explains what's going on in Inception at around the one hour, forty-five minute mark, so let it download and then skip ahead.


Update: The Onion AV Club has a quick quote of what Michael Caine said, for those of you who are at work or have somewhere to be and can't get there if you get weak in the knees due to Caine's voice. Thanks to Mirrorball for the link.

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