Michael Bay's Transformers 5 Teased With New, Indiscernible Hunk of Metal

Illustration for article titled Michael Bays iTransformers 5 /iTeased With New, Indiscernible Hunk of Metal

In a teaser for production on Transformers: The Last Knight starting this month—yes, that does appear to be a thing that happens now—this was revealed with a robot face and a rumbling sort of growl sound. We have no idea what it means.


Do you know who this is? If so, please help us. We thought at first that it might Ironhide, but then we remembered that he died in Dark of the Moon. Maybe he comes back from the dead? It can’t be one of the mammoth Transformers, because the tusks are too short. We are not helped by the fact that most of the Transformers in these films are indistinguishable metal things.

And none of these things make sense with the movie’s medieval-sounding subtitle, The Last Knight, and the sword that appears in the logo of this teaser. Watch it and see for yourself.


Update: On Instagram, Michael helpfully explained that this particular random bit of metal is supposed to be Megatron. Okay, sure, I guess.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Given the Dinobots were the most hyped part of the last film (and sold well enough that Hasbro made Grimlock a central character in the current TV show) my guess would be they’re going to go full Beast Wars this time around.