Michael Bay's Terrible Filmmaking Style Used for Good Cause

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Michael Bay has a bad habit of seeing something—in a newspaper, on TV, whatever—and suddenly deciding that something needs to go in his next movie, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. For instance, after watching a 60 Minutes segment on wingsuits, Bay forced a lengthy scene featuring them in Transformers 3. Now he’s done it again, but with a much happier result.


Apparently Michael Bay caught saw a news story about “Britain’s loneliest dog”—a ‘Staffordshire bull terrier cross’ named Freya, who suffers from epilepsy and has spent six years languishing at a shelter—and decided that it should have a role in the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight. Freya’s role is unknown, but hopefully it’ll have slightly more dignity than the dogs who humped each other in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


All kidding aside, we give Michael Bay a lot of crap—most of it deservedly so—but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it when he manages to do something good. Bay says that if a home isn’t found for Freya he’ll take her in himself, which is also nice. I’m going to give Bay the benefit of the doubt here and assume he also has contingency plans in case Freya does not get along with his two current dogs, Bonecrusher and Grace.


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He gets a lot of crap. But I’ve never walked out of a Micheal Bay movie and decided that I wish I had not watched it.

And that is all that counts for me.