Michael Bay's Ouija movie is back from the dead, with a 95% budget cut!

Illustration for article titled Michael Bays emOuija/em movie is back from the dead, with a 95% budget cut!

We thought all of Universal's board game-inspired flicks were dead and buried (with the obvious exception of Battleship). But with shaved production values comes a renewed hope for one flick — the Ouija board movie! With a brand new budget of two nickels and a couple dusty Starbursts, the Hasbro-backed board game is ready to make people scream on the cheap.


Deadline reports that Michael Bay's production company has found a way to resurrect the movie, thanks to Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum (who's made a pretty penny off of low-budget horror flicks). The $100-million budget has now been scaled down to a economical $5 million. Last we heard, McG was attached to direct this feature, but we're guessing with the budget cuts go any costly directors.

So will there be found footage? Most likely. Would we like to see something more creative from this team? Sure, but we're not holding our breath. But until we know more...STOP MOVING THE THINGY! THAT'S CHEATING!


Top image: Nicodemus13/Buzznet.

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Cyriaque Lamar

$10 this is the plot.