Michael Bay Talks Transformers 3! Meet Doctor Who's New Robot Companion! Exclusive Caprica Set Pics!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoilers include a secret video where Michael Bay explains how Transformers 3 will be more emotional. Plus clips from Doctor Who, "The Waters Of Mars," and exclusive pics of a gorgeous Caprica set. Plus Lost, Twilight, Supernatural and V.

Transformers 3:

A secret video hidden on the Blu-Ray disc of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen shows Michael Bay discussing his early ideas for the third movie (although he says they're all lies.) You can't get any bigger in the third movie, so instead he'll go "sideways," and possibly go darker and more emotional. He's going even deeper into Transformers lore. And he says there'll be more of Bumblebee in the third movie, and more of the robot characters generally. "It doesn't have to be action, action, action," says Bay. (Really?) [Transformers Live]

Doctor Who:

Move over, K-9! The Doctor will be teaming up with a new robot named Gadget in this Martian adventure. We ran some set pics featuring this robot ages and ages ago, but here are the first official pics. [Den Of Geek]


As you'd probably gathered, "Waters Of Mars" takes place in 2059 on our first Mars colony, and there's a parasitic virus that makes people spurt water. And the Doctor must choose whether to save everyone, or avoid changing the future. Says Adelaide actor Lindsay Duncan, "It tells a different story. It is a long time into the episode before the Doctor takes control. We expect him to know [what to do] and take control earlier. It is a long time before he does it." [Daily Mail]

And here are some new promo pics in general. [Blogtor Who]

Someone asks the Doctor his name, rank and intent, and he replies, "The Doctor, doctor, fun." And the line "As consolation" will hit you like a punch in the gut. There's a mention of the Ice Warriors, and one sequence is lifted directly from 28 Days Later. [Bleeding Cool]

And here's a couple new clips!

Also, David Tennant says he filmed his last scenes as the Doctor out of order, so the actual last words he spoke as the Doctor were "You two, with me, spit spot." (The first time I read this, I thought he actually said those were his last words on screen as the Doctor — I was a bit upset.) [Guardian]



Reader Scott saw that this show had transformed the campus at Simon Fraser University into "Caprica Inter-Colonial Spaceport" for an upcoming shoot, and he sent us these amazingly sweet photos. [Thanks Scott!]



In late October, the show was filming a scene in the kitchen of a local Presbyterian church, involving Sayid — plus Keamy and Omar, two thugs whom we saw die. Equally shocking is the report that the show was filming another high school scene involving Ben (who we're guessing is a substitute teacher) and Ben's late, lamented daughter Alex was there. And so was the late, somewhat lamented science teacher, Leslie Arzt. And new guest star William Atherton was there too, playing the principal at the high school. (I can just see it now — Ben wants to restart the high school glee club, and...) [Hawaii Weblog]


Here's a casting call for episode 6x08:

[KENDALL]Female, any ethnicity, early to mid 30s. An intellectual beauty with a sharp edge to her wit. Caught committing corporate espionage and has to lie her way out...GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECUR.


[Lyly Ford]

Nightmare On Elm Street:

Jackie Earle Haley says this version of Freddy Krueger is a bit darker, more serious and less campy than what you might be used to. [MTV]



There's a pretty detailed review for the next episode, "Changing Channels." We start out on a sitcom with bright lighting and laugh track. Dean's sandwich is three feet tall. "I'm going to need a bigger mouth," says Dean. Then we go to wacky sitcom credits, explaining the monster-hunting brothers... including a shot of the two of them riding a tandem bicycle. Then we're in the real world, watching the Winchesters investigating an unusual "bear" attack, before being whisked into a Grey's Anatomy spoof in which only a doctor who's in love with a dead guy can see his ghost. There is some Jeffrey Dean Morgan in-jokery. We even visit a Japanese game show, NutCrackers, which is just what it sounds like, and there's a fake Japanese commercial. Finally, they're shoved into CSI Miami, and we get a bit of a lecture about the lack of originality in prime-time TV. Says the Trickster, "300 channels and nothing on." [SF Universe]


Here's a casting call for a character we'll meet in episode 5x12, "Swap Meat":

[GARY] 17 years old, physicality is extremely important for this role, GARY NEEDS TO BE THIN, THIN, THIN, and needs to be very likeable and appealing. Ideally he's like the character "McLovin" from "Superbad" or Anthony Michael Hall in "16 Candles." Puny, gawky, bespectacled, smart and geeky, he's a naive, amateur Satanist who works at a fast food joint and longs to break free from his wealthy, stifling parents. He's granted one of his wishes, and starts to live the life he's always wanted. Please denote age next to your suggestions. GUEST STAR



New Moon:

OMG Bella gets a papercut and sparks some bloodlust in Jasper. I love the blood-falling THWOOM sound effect:


Even though Alan Tudyk's undercover alien character apparently dies in the series pilot, he'll still manage to be a recurring character in following episodes somehow. The final scene of the first episode has been redone since it was shown at Comic Con, and now there's a floating alien device called a "seeker," and one character wields a machine gun. And we'll see one of the aliens shed its human skin in the first few episodes. The alien mothership includes a chamber called a "Bliss Chamber." And the fourth episode will end with a series of cliffhangers, keeping us in suspense until March. [Sci Fi Wire]


Here's a new (I think) trailer, counting down the days until this show premieres:

Laura Vandervoort says her character is assigned to recruit humans for the Peace Ambassador program, but the experience gets more intense than she expected:

I think when she experiences a bit of the hate that's going on with the Visitors being on earth, and protestors, some of the things she sees impact her more than she expects. She feels more for some of the humans, I think, and I think she's learning more about dealing with conflict and not being wanted... But I don't know where they plan to go with it. Especially because she's focused on Tyler right now, and I'd like to see that develop into something, and perhaps that's where the Fifth Column will come in.



And here are descriptions of the third and fourth episodes:

"A Bright New Day" — Chad reports from the Peace Ambassador Center as 100 diplomatic visas are being issued to the first wave of American Visitors, with Anna getting the 1st, but not everyone agrees with the decision - Erica has started tracking a death threat while paired with a V officer, as she actually has to protect the V's. Meanwhile, Ryan starts reaching out to his old friends to build up opposition forces and help fight-off the V's, on ABC's "V," TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET).

"It's Only The Beginning" — Erica works with new formed allies to uncover a biological threat they suspect the Visitors have been plotting, on ABC's "V," TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET). Aboard the mothership, Anna meets with a special guest, while managing the investigation into the murder of a V. Chad does a segment on the V Healing Centers demonstrating their amazing medical abilities, but then finds himself conflicted by some of his findings.




Here's the official description for the Nov. 5 episode "Earthling":

When the Division probes bizarre cases of people turning into ash, the investigation also reveals clues about Broyles' past. Directed by Emmy Award winner Jon Cassar ("24").


[TV Guide]

And here's a couple previews:
Click to view

Plus some promo pics for episode 2x08, "August". [SpoilerTV]


Peer into the future! Here are some casting calls for an upcoming episode:

[ABDI] - 29, Somali, Male. Leader of a group of outlaws. Has the ability to intimidate with barely a stare. Charming, yet capable of shocking brutality. Formidable, charismatic. Must be capable of a Somali accent...GUEST STAR

[JEAN-PIERRE] - 40's French ambassador to the UN. Continually at odds with the General Council on the developing Flashforward global situation. Potentially recurring.

[SOMALI WOMAN] - 30s, Somali, Sweet-faced. Loving but firm, she teaches her 11-year-old-son the right way to do things without preaching at him. Must be capable of a Somali accent..sptv050769.DAY PLAYER

[AWAALE] - 30s, Somali, Male. A Somali translator hired to travel with a group. Eager to please, easily unnerved, but confident in his language skills. Must speak preferably fluent, but at least some, Somalian. Day player



And here's a sneak peek of episode 1x07, "The Gift":

True Blood:

The writers were at a conference, and gave some more season three hints:

Get excited because season 3 will launch June 2010, and we will find out where Bill is in episode 3.01! Also, season 3 will introduce a lot of new characters, including the Newlins and Maryann is totally dead. The theme for season 3 is "identity," causing Sookie to find out more about what/who she is! Insiders also said, "Bill will not be marginalized. Bill and Sookie will have troubles, but Bill and Sookie have a connection that will not die." You are going to see more of Pan and Nan Flanagan in season 3 as well! As for Gordac, his death scene was partially live, partially green screen and they got it in only two takes! Lastly, you have not seen the last of Gordric- he will be featured in flashbacks!


[Daily Fill]


Here's the official description for episode 4x09, "Brother's Keeper":

THE TRUTH SETS OUR HEROES ON NEW AND DANGEROUS PATHS. Samuel (Robert Knepper) learns just how powerful he can become and takes dangerous measures to reach his full potential. Meanwhile, as Tracy (Ali Larter) begins to lose control of her ability, one of her own comes in harms way. Elsewhere, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) continues his battle with Matt (Greg Grunberg).




Michael Shanks says his Hawkman costume has involved a lot of fittings, and explains his relationship to Clark:

Hawkman being the alpha in the Justice Society, being someone who...has made some missteps along the way, can or could represent a type of mentor character to Clark in his leadership abilities with his burgeoning team members of the Justice League. He represents a character that has a lot of wisdom to pass down to this next generation, so there is a strong possibility that once the initial phase wears off that there will be a coming together of those two to paint a larger portrait of the future, of what Clark has available to him and what his options are.


Also, his relationship with Dr. Fate is heartbreaking in the first episode. [HuffingtonPost]

Stargate Universe:

Some promo pictures for episode 1x07, "Earth," which I don't think we've shown you. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.

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