Will there never be peace in the world of giant fighting-bots? Apparently not, if Michael Bay has anything to do about it. Bay has finally admitted he'd love to McG's Terminators fight his Transformers.

We've been covering Bay's challenge to McG over robot supremacy in this summer's movies, but now he's finally made it known that yes, indeed, he would like to see Terminators fight the Transformers. Over on the Bay message boards Bay first kindly stated that he is very excited for Terminator Salvation.

I'm excited to see Terminator. I really love this whole franchise - and love the work of Bale.


but then the lion-haired director typed:

I would love to see my robots take on Terminators.

Let's hope McG accepts the challenge. It's clearly good-natured, so please make it so. A CG robo showdown would make our year. Or at least reply with a time and place like behind the old school yard, no knives, bare knuckle machine-on-machine fight.

[Michael Bay via Slashfilm]

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