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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

It's the spoiler-iest time of the year! But first, our last batch of pre Comic Con spoilers. Set photos galore from Transformers 3, Fringe, and Chuck! Posters for Tron Legacy, Green Hornet, and Walking Dead. Plus the return of Caprica!


Transformers 3:

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Michael Bay revealed,

"'[Chicago] is at the very end of the movie and the city is under alien attack, so it's very critical and important to the film's climax.''

The scene shot Monday between Michigan and Wabash focused on ''a number of base jumpers who are part of Josh Duhamel's unit. The heroes in this movie have very few people coming to help them this time. I like to think of it as the 'Black Hawk Down' version of 'Transformers' — it's much more intimate in terms of what's happening.

''Something very bad has happened to America — and this is at the very end of the movie.''


Once again, there's just an absurd amount of set photos from Chicago. More at the link. [The Chive]


Tron Legacy:

Here's an image of a new poster: [Cinema Blend]

The Green Hornet:

Michel Gondry recently discussed what makes Seth Rogen's Britt Reid such an unusual superhero. Here's the heavily sic'ed transcript:

I think he plays very well as this super hero I would say because he is very human but you feel the steaks and you feel that his life is in danger. And its all based on this reason he has to his father who raised him in his shadow and all his motivation is sort of upside down in comparison to an archetype super hero movie where it's a revenge or somebody killed your father and this one is the other way around though. He goes out and acts as a bad guy because he does what his father would have hated for him to do and then later he realizes that that was bad and there is post redemption for his father.



And here's a photo of a new poster for Green Hornet: [Cinema Blend]

Ghost Rider 2:

Nicolas Cage has apparently officially signed on, but Eva Mendes says she definitely won't be back as Roxanne Simpson. [Superhero Hype]



After spending a long, long time in scheduling limbo, we now know that the second half of the first season will premiere in January 2011. Here's a synopsis of Season 1.5 from Syfy's press release:

In season 1.5, the once idyllic world of Caprica – as well as life across the colonies – falls prey to an explosive chain reaction of consequences set off by the characters' many questionable actions in the season's first half. Tensions rise, power shifts and the line between reality and the virtual world becomes increasingly blurred as everyone struggles to learn – and conquer – the stakes in this volatile setting. As the season races towards its stunning conclusion, events of each episode lay the framework for the inevitable (and brutal) clash between the newly-created Cylon race and their human creators.



True Blood:

According to Joe Manganiello (Alcide), there may not be a lot of deaths this season, but the ones we do see will be absolutely Earth-shattering. Apparently some major, major characters will die...we just don't know who yet. [E! Online]


The Walking Dead:

A contest is open to win a walk-on role in season two, which is a pretty good indicator that there will be a second season. [AMC]


There are a bunch of cool character posters out, plus a general poster: [AMC]


The third episode will feature two guest characters:

[MILO] Milo is an intense damaged man in his late 20s to late 30s. He is smart with a newfound intelligence. Large Guest Star.

[DR. LEVINE] Dr. Levine is an intelligent and learned man in his 40s-60s. Open to European and American actors of all ethnicities. Guest Star.



Here are a few set photos: [Flickr]


And a few set photos for Chuck: [Zachary Levi]


Cat Grant will reportedly be joining the Daily Planet staff. This fits with earlier rumors about a very Cat-sounding character from the episode synopses. [The Ausiello Files]



And Nikita gets in on the poster explosion:

Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth and Charlie Jane Anders.


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