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Mia Kirshner Will Play Spock's Mom On Star Trek: Discovery

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Since we learned the origins of Star Trek: Discovery protagonist Michael Burnham—that she’s an adopted human ward of Sarek, most famously known as the father of Spock—it’s been an open question as to how much of a presence the most famous Vulcan family is going to be in the new series. Now we know yet another member of the extended family is going to make an appearance.


As revealed in an exclusive interview to Trek Movie, Amanda Grayson, Sarek’s human wife, will be appearing at some point in Discovery, as played by Mia Kirshner. Kirshner, who played the assassin Mandy on 24 and had a regular role as Kenya Rosewater in Defiance, will be filling a role first played by Jane Wyatt in an episode of the Original Series.

In the Original Series, it’s established that Sarek met Amanda while he was the Vulcan ambassador to Earth, and Amanda later mothered Spock (and, presumably, played a mother figure to Michael). It’s unknown yet what role Amanda will play in the series, but it does give the sense that the creators of Discovery might be diving a bit more into the connection between Michael and her Vulcan ancestry than they’d previously let on.


At this point, only one question remains: Are we going to see Spock at some point? And who’s going to play him?

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You’d think that Spock with having both a human mother and a human adoptive sibling would have been less baffled by the human behaviour of Kirk, Bones and the rest of his human co-workers.

But It seems that Star Trek Discovery has decided that 51 Years of continuity doesn’t matter anymore