Mexico City's Texcoco Park will put Central Park to shame

When you think of big urban parks, which ones typically come to mind? NYC's Central Park? Vancouver's Stanley Park? Well Mexico City's El Parque Ecologico Lago de Texcoco (Texcoco Lake Ecological Park) makes these classic examples of urban naturalization look like scant patches of grass.

The enormous environmental engineering project, recently unveiled by Mexican architect Iñaki Echeverria, will eventually occupy a region of the Mexico City valley originally covered by Lake Texcoco, and will take up an area of more than 35,000 acres. As a point of reference, Central and Golden Gate Parks cover areas of 843 and 1017 acres, respectively.


Echeverria's plan is loaded with environmentally-conscious design elements including lake, wetland, meadow, and forest habitats; renewable energy installations; community gardens; and wastewater treatment facilities.

Via inhabitat

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