Mexican Media Giant Making English-Language Science Fiction Series The Seventh Day

Mexican media powerhouse Televisa, which airs programming on Univision in the US, is branching out into scifi with an adaptation of Scott Shepherd’s The Seventh Day. Shepherd and his producing partner, Cindy McCreery, will write all 10 episodes and act as showrunners.

Shepherd’s previous TV credits include Quantum Leap, The Outer Limits, The Dead Zone, and Haven; his novel, The Seventh Day, is a post-apocalyptic drama that was released last year.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Televisa hopes the series will have life beyond one season:

The project centers on Joad, who is halfway around the world and one of the few left unharmed when most of humanity is obliterated. He is on a dangerous trek home to Nemo in the hope his wife waits for him. The journey with companions he reluctantly gains along the way takes them through a landscape equally beautiful and haunting, mysterious and magical. Subsequent seasons will be based on future books written by Shepherd, with each ending in a cliffhanger.

The series will be shot in Mexico, but it will be in English.

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