Metropolis Remake On The Way

No film has had as much impact on the look and feel of science fiction movies more than the 1927 classic Metropolis. However, you'd be hard-pressed to find many people who have seen this silent film about class war and fembots in a futuristic city. That could all be changing, though. Producer Thomas Schuehly (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Alexander) has obtained the rights to the film and started working on a remake.

The architecture of Metropolis, called Raygun Gothic, has influenced the looks of everything from Frankenstein to Blade Runner to The Matrix, and the design for the robotic version of Maria in the film is evident in C3P0 from Star Wars. But will it be sacrilege to mess with this movie? While it would be great to expose it to more audiences, the possibility runs high that this might end up as a disaster.


We'll keep our fingers crossed, but make sure you check out the original film which was restored and put on DVD back in 2002.

'Metropolis' Finds New Life [Variety]

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