Metropolis Is Cool With All That Super-Murder In Batman V. Superman

Apparently the folks of Metropolis are super forgiving of Superman's murder spree in Man of Steel. Because this spoilery picture from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice just revealed something huge.

Thanks to Bananadoc over at Batman News, we've got a look at a giant Superman statue that is being built in (what we're assuming is) Metropolis. Looks like he has his hand extended in a caregiver kind of manner. Or maybe he's getting ready to push over another building that will result in the death of more Metropolis citizens—seriously, HOW IS THIS OK? Forget the fact that no one knew who Superman was until he showed up and started alien brawling with his alien pal Zod, the destruction this guy inflicted was monstrous. Why are they BUILDING HIM A STATUE?


As far as Earth knows, an alien showed up looking for another alien, and the first alien started killing people and the second alien stopped the first alien but also killed a lot of people, but OK let's give him a statue.

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